Our team will search and record all information/documents pertaining to the ancestral property of NRI’s in India and helps them understand the status of their title to the property. Not all NRI’s have records or documents of their properties in India. Some clients only have vague information which leads to confusion and costly mistakes later.

Overseas citizens are not fully capable of handling the load of technical or unfamiliar legal jargon. Even if they are able to obtain the documents, it is very difficult for them to understand the same. Mostly, they are dependent upon their relatives or friends for information regarding their property. The irony is that a large number of NRIs get deceived by their relatives or friends in the name of ‘caretaking’ of the property. Too often, we see cases where these relatives or friends get some papers signed by the NRIs, get the property transferred in their names or even forge documents to prove their ownership. As a result, the NRIs are left fighting long drawn legal battles and suffer huge losses in terms of time, money and energy.

We can help:

  • Obtain documents including jamabandi / title proof/ documents pertaining to any mutations of the property from the revenue authorities.
  • Research and provide a history of the owners of property
  • Map the property
  • Photography
  • Establishing title to Property
  • Land survey &title registration
  • Navigate local, state, and federal regulations and relations

With substantial knowledge and experience in buying or selling of real estate, our team offers valuable assistance and expertise to NRI’s. We handle the full spectrum of real estate projects and are fully transparent and competitive with all fees and costs associated with these transactions.