Investments by NRI’s into India into Real Estate is guided by the FEMA Policy of GOI

Indian Real Estate investment is only open to NRIs and not to foreign nationals or foreign companies. NRIs can make investment in Residential or Commercial property. NRIs however cannot invest in properties of Agricultural, Plantation or Farm house nature.

Repatriation facility in case of commercial and residential property is available up to two properties, that too for the amount of investment and not for appreciation. However, appreciation from two such properties can be repatriated under USD 1 Million scheme (known as Remittance of assets Scheme). Also point to note is that there is no restriction on number of properties in which NRI can make investment. But, intention should be to invest in properties and not to trade

Similarly NRI’s while selling their real estate in India have to comply with the FEMA Regulations in place before remitting their money abroad

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If you are selling Real Estate in India, we have a national network to ensure you attain the highest price possible for your properties.

If you are exploring Real Estate investment in India contact us to understand how NRI scan make investment in Residential or Commercial property.

Fees for our services are lower than most of the local service providers in their respective fields in India e.g.real estate agents, lawyers etc, since we provide a whole gamut of services

Real Estate transaction services:

  • National Realtor services for Seller and Buyer
  • Negotiating and reviewing sale and purchase agreement.
  • Preparing & evaluating all documents necessary to complete a transaction efficiently & correctly
  • Ensuring all documents are properly executed and delivered
  • Registration of sale or acquisition with local land titles offices and related authorities
  • Transfer of Land & Property
  • Transferring the proceeds of a sale to a Foreign Country

Landlord Services:

  • Succession certificates, Will execution, POA rights
  • Local representation for out of country Landlords
  • Property Management and Caretaker services
  • Formalize Landlord / Tenant relationships with enforceable contracts
  • Dispute resolution between Landlord and Tenant
  • Time to time physical inspection of the property
  • Representation before various authorities such as Sub Divisional Magistrate, Registrar, Courts etc.
  • Representation for Illegal transfer, sale, occupation, partition of Land and Property
  • Embossing of Power of Attorneys in India prepared by authorities outside of India.